Credit Report - Alibaba Trade Assurance

Ningbo GMT Leisure Products Co., Ltd. (Jizhong Bangong) 12-5, Donglou, trade center, No. 100 Xiangyun Road, ningbo Gao New District Last Updated: April 09, 2020 AA: 2020-4-9 Business Index On Industry Comparison: Top 35% Compared to other businesses within Alibaba Database: Alibaba Business Index shows that the percentage of businesses ranked AA within this model segment is Top […]

Foreign media: A loophole in the Amazon appeal process? The seller was accused of “incorrect channel” after submitting the appeal POA

Amazon's busy shopping season is getting closer and closer, but some sellers of blocked accounts have found that because of a significant failure of Amazon, they can't restore their accounts or prepare for the holiday shopping peak. According to one seller (its account was frozen due to intellectual property infringement litigation), after he reached a […]

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